If You Look up the Word "Sucker" in the Dictionary…

I have a distinct inability to purposefully be funny, especially when it comes to pranks. But my sister is frightfully great at it, so she got me with this one on Friday:

She had recently gone on vacation recently, where she went horseback riding on the beach. She sustained a friction wound on her ankle from this, which was rather large. I have a medical bend by employment, so she sent me a picture of it to get my opinion (this was a bit over a week before April Fools). It was healing nicely, so I was surprised to see the picture waiting on my BBM Friday morning.

The only way I can describe the appearance of her foot is that it looked like a zombie foot. Ashy black, and around the wound there was a festering green hue with white around the edges, and a mean red in the middle. I immediately instructed her to go to the hospital, and that I couldn’t believe she let it get this bad. My sister went on to say that she “didn’t have enough money to go,” but she was very scared. I implored her to go, but then she suddenly stopped answering my text messages. Needless to say I was extremely worried.

Fast forward a couple of hours. I’m on the phone with my dad talking about something different. He says, “Did you hear that asshole’s story?” (meaning my sister… it’s a term of endearment). I told him what she had shown me. He says “No, she made her foot up to look like that. She used ketchup and mayonnaise to do it.”

I then called my sister, called her an asshole, then admitted my defeat. Yea, I’m a sucker.


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