Setting the Record Straight Once and for All

If I know one thing, this is the thing I know:


There really shouldn’t even be a discussion. The bohemian lifestyle is really awesome on paper. And it even looks really cool with the flowy skirts and the long hair and the homemade bread and everything. But it’s a lie! A gosh-darned lie I tell ya!

Rent and La bohème perpetuate the idea it’s ok not to pay your rent just so long as you’re against the “system” in the first place and you’re all sorts of artsy and tragic. Just when that landlord is trying to make a decent living for his family and you choose to not get a job, or even try to get a job, and just lay around the house all day talking about art but never actually doing it. And then everyone is so surprised and upset when their friend “somehow” contracts AIDS (or TB). You mean I shouldn’t be sharing needles and having unprotected sex with strangers at raves that I happen to pass by on my way to the thrift store? Color me surprised, I had no idea!

I don’t give a shit. Be a human being and get a job and contribute to society. Or just work harder in general. Or just pay your goddamned rent. Either one, or all. Thanks. You can sing on the side.


Rent and La bohème, no. Just no.








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