The Definitive Answer to Every Life Question

If I know one thing, this is the thing I know,

George Carlin has said a great many things that I consider to be truths of life. I’ve learned this one quite well. I like to consider the ones I love when I make certain decisions, but I’ve never felt good about doing anything that I hadn’t believed was right. The same goes for taking advice. Anyone can give you an answer, and everyone has a different one. So, there’s really nothing else you can rely on more than your own logic. That doesn’t mean you can do anything you want as long as you can convince yourself that it’s the thing to do. Never do anything that will reflect poorly on others when you can avoid it, which is probably the majority of the time. But even more, never make your happiness contingent on the happiness of someone else. You cannot control that, you have absolutely nothing to do with how happy or unhappy a person can be. The best is when the majority of people are happy. In this manner, you can answer virtually every single question your brain can think to ask and know it’s the right answer.

Although you are not required to actually listen or speak to the clueless ones trying to give you advice.


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