Beautiful insects (and other animals) made from old parts

Why Evolution Is True

Colossal shows some wonderful sculptures by a French artist in a post called “New Animal and Insect Assemblages Made from Repurposed Objects by Edouard Martinet.” (You can see more of these at Martinet’s website, here.) I’m showing just insects, but there’s a nice fish, too—all made from old parts taken from machines and stuff.

Sladmore Contemporary notes:

His degree of virtuosity is unique: he does not solder or weld parts. His sculptures are screwed together. This gives his forms an extra level of visual richness – but not in a way that merely conveys the dry precision of, say, a watchmaker. There is an X-Factor here, a graceful wit, a re-imagining of the obvious in which a beautifully finished object glows not with perfection, but with character, with new life. Martinet takes about a month to make a sculpture and will often work on two or three pieces…

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